A steel window survey from ASWS will save time and may help secure the tender!

With 60 years’ experience as a specialist steel window refurbishment and replacement company, ASWS is offering a valuable survey service to property owners, contractors and architects. ASWS has already completed eight surveys in 2023, so far, across London, including Mayfair, Haringey, Marylebone and a few on Regents Street and Oxford Street.

Known for their large, prestigious projects in the capital like Battersea Power Station, The Whiteley, BBC Bush House and Hackney Town Hall, part of ASWS’s company ethos is the continual support and guidance for clients.  ASWS has seen a rise in the number of landlords and architects employing the company’s services to obtain detailed, expert guidance they can submit with tender information packages to help them secure accurate costs for their projects.  In addition, several main contractors utilise this service to assist in offering all options of refurbishment and/or replacement to their clients.  With a greater emphasis on planning, a good facade scheme can go a long way for a contractor or architect in creating a good relationship with local planning authorities.

Working mainly on listed buildings, ASWS begins a survey by gathering together as much information on the current state of the building in question.  The first step is to track down any available drawings and photographs of the outside of the building and using these to put together an initial information pack before visiting the site to conduct a thorough survey of the current state of the existing windows.  During the site visit ASWS inspects every individual window, photographing and sketching it, and notes the state of the glazing, any missing ironmongery and the state of the steel frames.  This results in a detailed description of every window and allows ASWS to put together a generalised summary of the overall task backed up with more specific information on what absolutely essentially needs to be replaced, what would be desirable and any further improvements and upgrades that could be made, while all the time mindful of planning requirements for the specific building.

The survey and the information gained can then be collated to produce a comprehensive bill of quantities and a specification document for pricing purposes, which can be invaluable in the preparation of cost plans and project budgets.

The surveys have proven popular with architects and contractors in London and the South East but ASWS can work outside of these locations!

For further information on Associated Steel Window Services, please visit www.asws.co.uk or call 020 8665 5335.

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