First in a series of “meet the ASWS team” – Rob Ackland

Getting to know the faces behind any brand is what makes a company memorable; it makes conversations real! People, by nature, are curious and we all love to get to know the intelligent people behind a product or service. ASWS is introducing you the team of experienced, hard-working team members that make the company succeed every day – one by one.

First to the podium is Rob Ackland.

  1. What is your role at ASWS?

Steel Window Refurbishment Specialist.

  • How long have you worked with the company?

Just 29 years!

  • What were your previous roles?

I have always been in the same line of business; when you find something you love, why change?

  • What do you enjoy most about your job?

I have been in the role for so many years; I really enjoy the familiarity knowing that I have the knowledge to get the job done and, of course, I’m always up for a challenge.  Job satisfaction is really important to me; I thrive on seeing a project from the very beginning right the way through to completion.

  • Describe your job in three words?

Making windows work.

  • What’s the biggest issue (good or bad) in construction at the moment?

Health and safety is there for a very good reason but I find that some of the rules and regulations that must be adhered to on site are slightly overbearing.

  • What’s your go-to radio station or musical genre?

Now you’re talking – I really enjoy my music! Mainly New York ‘90s and ‘00s house music but I also like classic pop from the ‘80s.

  • Why have you stayed in the industry?

My father was a builder who branched out into the steel window world. He first offered me a job on a site when I was 14 and I jumped at the opportunity. Over time, I got to know the role inside out (literally) and absolutely loved it; I have never left the industry. Now working with ASWS, the same applies. I know the role and am confident that I provide the right results. We are a speciality company but the window industry in general is very small.

  • What has been the most exciting project you have worked on with ASWS?

It has to be a project we recently did in Glasgow.

  1. What have you learned over the years?

Keep your head down and do your job; and treat everyone the same and with the right respect. We work with people from all over the world and so no customer is ever the same.  It’s a people business.

  1. What has been your favourite building you have worked on with ASWS?

I think my favourite ever must be County Hall in London.

  1. Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing?


  1. The big question – how do you take your tea?

Saving the best question for last…. strong, very little milk and no sugar!

ASWS is a long-established member of the Steel Window Association and well recognised expert in the repair of metal windows, from the earliest wrought iron examples through to contemporary curtain walling.  The family run business is frequently called upon to prepare condition surveys during the appraisal stages of a project, which then become part of the planning or listed building permission process.  The company also maintains a very large stock of ironmongery and metal frame components to assist in its restoration work.  

ASWS; a family affair

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