ASWS; a family affair

As the UK’s leading specialist in the repair and replication of metal window systems, Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) is not only confident in its expertise; it’s also incredibly proud of the team making it all possible – in the office, on-site and everyone in between!

The senior management team at ASWS is formed from members of an experienced and knowledgeable family. Kris Bennell, Contracts Director and part of the senior team comments, “We are a family-managed business now into its third generation and 51st year as a specialist steel window refurbishment and replacement company. The company has evolved continuously since the 1960’s and we continue to grow and evolve. Having been born into a household where both my parents ran ASWS full time, with my mum running the commercial side and my dad running all our sites across London, all I knew growing up was steel windows!”

Not only is the senior management team made up of family, ASWS now employees three members of another family – two cousins and a son! Rob Ackland who started with the business in 1992 is now a senior site manager and has been joined by his cousin Roy and his son Lee. Who have both joined the team as experienced service engineers and glaziers.

Kris continues, “When I finished at University, I became the 3rd generation at ASWS. I initially started on site as a labourer, cleaning the work areas, running around after our experienced engineers and, most importantly, learning the trade from the bottom up! Over twelve years later, I am now Contracts Director at ASWS, overseeing all elements of our projects, from enquiry to final accounts and much more – including driving our vans, loading tools, servicing windows and answering the phone and emails, in a family business we have to be able and willing to do everything and anything.”

ASWS has a long track record of working with building owners, as well as leading contractors and consultants on commercial, conservation and heritage projects across the country. Often progressing from being called upon to carry out condition surveys – which are used for obtaining planning permission or listed building consent – before being chosen to carry out repair and replica refurbishment work.  Its capabilities include repairing and realigning old frames as well as conserving ironmongery and upgrading energy performance by installing new draught-stripping and slimline sealed units.     

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