Architects’ drawing on ASWS expertise

Different ages of the UK’s built heritage are frequently most recognisable from their fenestration patterns as by their roof structure or choice of walling materials – making decisions regarding the windows replacement or conservation critical to the overall success of any redevelopment.

So it is that London-based Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) has built a solid reputation far beyond the capital for successfully undertaking some of the most challenging fenestration contracts. ASWS worked in close cooperation with the project’s lead design consultants; as well as coordinating its operations with the main and other contractors.  In fact, the multi-generational expertise ASWS offers extends beyond its management team to many of its long-serving workforce; while the company also retains a vast library of ironmongery and other window and door components, together with an established supply chain to keep contracts on track.

“ASWS was involved from beginning to end and they were exceptionally helpful, working assiduously right the way through the project. We were very pleased with their proactive approach. From my point of view, they have done remarkably well and came up with the goods; I’m very happy with the result and would certainly go back to them.” – David Loxton – Loxton & Associates 

(Project – Alexandra House)

Managing Director, Kris Bennell, explains: “As a family business with a long track record within the industry, we are respected for our experience and try to offer added value for architects and the other professionals we deal with; often on a regular basis.  In fact, we are frequently brought on board at an early stage to conduct very detailed condition surveys, and to offer ideas on how conservation goals can be achieved. Which then becomes part of the negotiation with the planning authorities.”

“There has also been a shift in the way projects are run, with end clients now actively encouraging architects to engage with specialists like ourselves – especially where the main contractor is leading the work.  This can include them making use of our enablement service: where we can remove heritage fabric and windows to facilitate access for hoists or chutes, as well as cataloguing and putting frames and other components of historical value into safe storage for the duration.”

“We relied on ASWS as specialists to tell us what could and couldn’t be repaired. They were incredibly knowledgeable and their expertise was helpful in understanding what needed to be done with the windows.” Andrew Morgan – JM Architects 
(Project – Heals Building)

Amongst the many historic buildings where ASWS has provided its unique skillset are Woolwich Arsenal, the South Bank’s County Hall building, The Royal Academy of Arts, the iconic retail emporium Whiteleys and the recently redeveloped Battersea Power Station.  Both the Royal Academy and award-winning renovation work on one of the Crown Estate’s most public properties – Quadrant Arcade, on Regent Street – both saw the specialist offering advice to the leading architectural practice, Barr Gazetas.

“We regularly use ASWS and the project went really well. The initial schedule of work that they produced was incredibly useful and detailed. It was quite a tricky project for them and they did a good job, especially considering the budgetary constraints and number of windows involved. Their advice and expertise were very helpful, especially with the ironmongery.”

Karen Fuller – Barr Gazetas 
(Glasshouse and multiple other projects)

ASWS; a family affair

As the UK’s leading specialist in the repair and replication of metal window systems, Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) is not only confident in its

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