Victorian warehouse (mini series – part 1)

For our latest project, we are currently working on the full refurbishment of cast iron windows in a Victorian warehouse in London. The windows date back to 1850, making them at this point of refurbishment – 170 years old.

At ASWS, we love adding to the history and life of windows like this – often seeing the character and development of the windows over the years. In this particular case, it is suspected bomb damage from the Second World War!

The ASWS team works so hard to sympathetically refurbish and restore these windows giving them the care and attention they deserve. 

Before this project, the last time we saw windows, with a significant age, for a full refurbishment was at Hackney Town Hall – a job completed for Osborne. There were 352 windows which dated back to 1937! 

This Victorian warehouse is still very much a work in progress but keep your eyes peeled for an update soon!

We will also be showcasing some of the considerable challenges of refurbishing such old windows in the coming weeks.