Mastic colour options from ASWS

The refurbishment of steel windows is such a beautiful, age-old craft which is constantly evolving with new technology and ideas thanks to companies such as Associated Steel Window Services.  As well as refurbishment, the pioneering company also manages servicing, reglazing, replacement and maintenance.

One recent trend that the company is noting is the increased demand for coloured mastic so that the beauty and sightlines of the original window and door sets are not compromised. There is a vast array available today and each can be customised. The days of just black, grey, white and clear are gone.

“ASWS can source standard coloured mastic from various places all around the UK. However, with the increase in RALS available for both decorating refurbished windows and for the PPC to new steel windows and doors, unfortunately the standard coloured mastic offered has not quite caught up yet! That’s where we are able to offer bespoke colour matching mastic manufacturing where we can mix nearly any colour for our many uses for mastic. Whether it is replicating original putty sightlines with a ‘mastic silicone front’, perimeter sealing, top capping beading and glazing or sealing the mullions and transoms between casements.” comments Contacts Directors, Kris Bennell.

He continues, “We have recently completed a project where we were given a freeze frame from the building while it was being used to film The Sweeney during the 1970’s, and asked to colour match both the mastic and the windows colour to that frame. This was probably our most interesting colour match ever and, after offering several colours, we were finally able to mix a grey colour that the architect was happy with. We referred to this colour as Sweeney Grey – patent pending!”

ASWS; a family affair

As the UK’s leading specialist in the repair and replication of metal window systems, Associated Steel Window Services (ASWS) is not only confident in its

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