Alexandra House

Alexandra House is a Grade II Listed building which has recently been converted to accommodate the expansion of St Paul’s Church of England Primary School in Brentford, West London. A major part of the work to the Art Deco style building was the full refurbishment of over 70 steel windows and the manufacture of ten new windows.

New windows, made up to replace those that had previously been unsympathetically replaced, were fabricated using W20 sections and hot dip galvanised and primed prior to delivery to site. Fittings to all the windows were overhauled and polished before being reinstalled.

ASWS undertook the full removal, off site blasting and repairs in the London-based workshops. Once this was complete, they were returned to site primed, ready for on-site decoration, glazing and mastic works. The overhaul finish on this project was second to none and both the client and architect were left very pleased with our works.