Hackney Town Hall

This was a long-term multi-phased conservation project carried out on a very well used civic building. This project has involved the removal of all windows, blasting and undertaking extensive repairs. Returning to site and reglazing in double glazed units, complete on-site redecoration of the windows and restoration of the ironmongery. This project spanned nearly four years as the staggered refurbishment took into account the partially-occupied Town Hall. In addition, ASWS has supplied and installed new steel windows, single and double doors to match the existing Listed window system within the internal atriums to the marriage suites.


“…the building at its heart remains an art deco masterpiece and it is the astonishing level of care and craftsmanship with which its original features and spaces have been restored that holds the visitor’s attention. Throughout the building…the windows have all been lovingly and painstakingly restored to dramatically recapture the building’s original art deco glory. Delivering this stunning recreation were an army of specialist trade craftsmen, whose involvement mirrored the multidisciplinary artistic collaborations so synonymous with the baroque and art deco styles.”

RIBA Architecture 2018 London Award Winner:

“It is more than simply a refurbishment though, as certain architectural moves have made significant improvements…These larger moves have generally been well-judged but the really impressive work has gone into the detailing. Nowhere has any cost or effort been spared so that the refurbishment has been carried out to the very highest standards. The overall detailing is impeccable and is the most rewarding aspect of the project…This refurbishment has been carried out to a very high standard. The architectural moves are both well-judged and, where necessary, invisible, resulting in a very well executed project.”